Oli Carter

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When I'm not building UIs and APIs for employers like Seenit and Spill, you'll most likely find me walking with my dog or enjoying some form of side project.

Recently those include bread baking, croissant making, synthesizer noodling, electronic engineering, and seeing what interesting things I can create with code.

Check out my GitHub for various coding bits. Below are some nice UI experiments I've been tinkering with recently.

A minimal moon phase UI

I'm a huge fan of minimalism.

I also find the moon interesting and check the current phase from time to time.

The sites and apps I find are usually full of data and ads, when all I want is a pretty UI, so I made one.

3 HTML elements and some nifty CSS transforms later and voila! I deployed the useful version to moonphase-nu.vercel.app so you can use it too, yay.

It's PWA friendly so you can add it to your home screen and it'll feel like a native app.

An infinitely changing animated gradient

I bought the Three.js Journey course some time ago (you should too, it's phenomenal) and subsequently became intrigued by noise algorithms.

Here I used simplex-noise to create a gradient that is unique on every render and can be animated, resulting in the most magical effect ✨

You can even animate the alpha value for incredible an aurora-esque effect.